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04 Jan

Her offshore investments emerged in a huge data leak of 13.4million confidential documents reveals the cash was secretly funnelled to the Caymans and Bermuda.

Dame Margaret said: 'I think the Queen herself would be completely shocked to find her advisers have used tax havens in which to invest their money and that her reputation has been sullied by the actions of the tax advisers'.

Royal officials have said she had no direct involvement in the investments and they are 'not aware of any tax advantages'.

Today Jeremy Corbyn suggested that anyone on the list - including the Queen - should apologise.

Fellow royal expert Phil Dampier said that it was completely wrong that there was 'focus on The Queen - who probably knew nothing' while 'letting hypocrites like Bono off the hook'.

Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge, the former chairwoman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, said she believed the Queen would be horrified to learn how her funds had been invested.

US secretary of state Rex Tillerson is named as a director of an offshore firm behind a billion-dollar oil and gas enterprise in the Middle East.

The financial documents, which will be released throughout this week, show that: The Queen's income comes from the Duchy of Lancaster, a private estate which was set up in 1399 to generate a financial return for the reigning monarch.

US secretary of state Rex Tillerson is named as a director of an offshore firm She told the BBC's Today programme: 'Tax havens aren't just repositories for people to hide their wealth.

Another £5million was invested by the Duchy of Lancaster in the Jubilee Absolute Return Fund, which invests in hedge funds.

At the time of the investment in June 2004, the fund was based in Bermuda. There is nothing illegal in the investments and no suggestion that the Queen is not paying tax, or had any knowledge of the specific investments.

U2 star Bono, members of Donald Trump's cabinet and some of the world's biggest firms including Facebook are also named.

The cache of documents reveals Trump's Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has significant business ties to a President Vladimir Putin's son-in-law, while Russia funded Facebook and Twitter investments through an associate of Jared Kushner, the US President's son-in-law and advisor.