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27 Mar

It is a younger and less well-known sibling of an experiment that has been running since 1927 at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, which Guinness World Records lists as the world’s longest-running laboratory experiment (see: Long-term research: Slow science).

Physicist Thomas Parnell set it up because he wanted to illustrate that everyday materials can exhibit surprising properties.

Over the years, the identity of the scientist who began the experiment was forgotten, and the experiment lay unattended on a shelf where it continued to shed drops uninterrupted while gathering layers of dust.

Physicists at Trinity College recently began to monitor the experiment again.

It is also an offence to cause a listening device to be installed, used, or maintained for one of the above purposes.

For example, paying someone to install a device for you.

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A listening device can be used where the conversation is not private.

Asked about the value of this demonstration, Bergin’s colleague Denis Weaire says, “Curiosity is at the heart of good science, and the pitch drop fuels that curiosity”.

Scientists used to believe glass to be a slow-moving liquid as well — in part because old church window panes are thicker at the bottom — but it is now considered a solid.

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(WA) regulates the use of surveillance devices in Western Australia.