Ampeg svt serial number dating

04 Aug

Amp Model: reverb twin combo, amp model 125 Serial Number:1164 Date finished: 13.February.1976 Name- (forum name)*:michael douglas Location:geelong, victoria, australia Amp Model:reverb twin combo, amp model 125 Serial Number:1086 Date tested :08/08/1975 speaker model: HH12X - T1217 Name- (forum name)*: chabbi Location: Paris Amp Model: 125 reverb twin Serial Number: 1261 Date finished (if known**): 16/1/78 Name- (forum name)*: Trevor Hewitt Location: Ireland Amp Model: 125 Combo Serial Number:1135 Name: Dennis (bluespwr101) Location: Buffalo, N.OR120 FROM LATE '75 OR '76 FOR US EXPORT AS IT HAS HARDWIRED AC CORD BUT DOES HAVE VOLTAGE SELECTOR.Name: Ben H Location: Melbourne, Australia Amp Model: OR120 pics and text Serial Number: 10879 Date finished: Unknown.Name: Ossi Nykanen Location: Helsinki, Finland Amp Model: Orange OR120 Overdrive head Serial Number:13652 Date finished: unknown forum name : MIKE location Bordeaux (FRANCE) model : Orange head OR 120M (Overdrive) serial serie n° : 015757 Finshed : may 1979 Name- (forum name - kensteel)*:ken steel Location:oxford UK Amp Model:overdrive series 2 Serial Number:016437 Name- Jan Location: CT- USA Amp Model: OR112M ( Overdrive Series II ) Serial Number:016215 Date finished (if known**): 1979 Name- (forum name)*: Kent Ernfridsson Location: Sweden Amp Model: Orange Overdrive Series Two (120 W) Serial Number: 15982 Date finished (if known**): ????Name: Pierrick Boulizon (bouly) Location: Moulins (03), France Amp Model: AD30 HTC Serial Number: 1716-05-04 Name: Jim Coates Forum Name: Jayco Location: Marion, Iowa Amp Model: AD30HTC Serial Number: AD30HTC-1971-01-05 Name: Billy Smith (billynightingale) Location: Corbin, Kentucky Amp Model: AD30HTC Serial number: 1560 - 08 - 03 Name: Jacco de Vries forum name Jacco428 Location: Uithoorn, The Netherlands Amp Model: AD30HTC Serial number: 02319-0206 Name- (doughydex): Dexter Payne Location: Cincinnati, OH Amp Model: AD30HTC Serial Number: 30-HTC-77-401 Date finished (if known): ?

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Often, there are no tags, and be wary of getting shocked if you choose to open up your amp. please email Billy and tell him you sold it if possible.... Amp Model: OR120 combo Serial Number: 727 Date finished: ?

Name: Brad Wilson Location: Washington USA Amp model: OR80 Serial number: 228 Date finished: owned since 1975 Name: Simon Wicks Location: Manchester, UK Amp Model: OR120 Serial Number: 10702 Date finished: Unknown (no inspection tag) Ken Brigante Layton, Utah model #OR120 serial #10735 date finished unknown Name- (forum name)*: Fredrik Location: Sweden Amp Model: OR120 Serial Number:s1169 Name- (forum name)*: CHARLIE MASSACRE Location: CAPE FEAR, NC Amp Model: OR120 / AMP TOP-HEAD Serial Number: 13812 Date finished (if known**): NOTHING STAMPED.


) Name- (forum name)*: BLUES HARP MAN Location: Mc Henry, IL.

Amp Model: OR-120 Serial Number: 12004 Date finished (if known**): unknown (my guess early 70's) Name- (forum name)*:beaxarthur Location: El Segundo, CA, USA Amp Model: OR120 Serial Number:10485 Date finished (if known**): Most likely '73 Name: ironman aka Dave Location: Chicago, IL USA Amp Model: Or 120 Serial Number:10478  matched with 4x12 cab serial# 5734 Date finished: Pots are stamped 1973 Name: Herman Klein Nagelvoort (Hermie) Location: the Netherlands Amp: Orange Overdrive Model: OR 120 Serial: 755 Name: Ben B Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Amp Model: OR120 Serial Number: 888 Date finished: 1973 Name: Tom Location: Bristol UK Amp Model: OR 120 Serial Number: 10636 Date finished (if known**): Not known Name: Poly Jarauta Location: Barcelona, Catalunya (is not Spain) Amp Model: OR120 Head Amp Pix & Text Serial Number: 11941 Date finished : Maybe 1974 Name- (forum name)*: Christopher Dawson (Dawson) Location: Austin, Tx Amp Model: OR120 Serial Number: 10097 Date finished (if known**): 1973 Forum name: "grinder" Real name: Paulo Location: Almada, Portugal Amp model: OR120 Serial number: 7019 Date finished: Haven't checked, I do think mine is a 1972.