Samantha ronson dating john mayer

20 Feb

Then, Eddie and Le Ann filed for divorce within days of each other.Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo It's never easy to get dumped, but it's even worse when it happens on the eve of your birthday, as Jessica Simpson found out this July.Unfortunately, Ryan and Rachel decided to end their relationship in 2007.Watching "Notebook" won't be the same after this break up. Do you remember the times when Lohan and Ronson were dating (and partying! The couple confirmed their relationship sometime around 2008. They made a huge impact on their fans even if they broke up ages ago.

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But then there are the celebrities who seem to crash and burn in the dating sphere over and over again.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer This duo first called it quits in 2008, but reconciled before breaking up again after attending the Academy Awards together in 2009.

Some said that Aniston was fed up with Mayer's incessant Twitter updates.

Even if these couples broke up ages ago, our hearts are still broken!

On screen power couple of "Notebook" dated for some time in real life as well.