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13 Sep

Words With Girls was a scripted comedy written by Autostraddle writer Brittani Nichols, starring Brittani and Hannah Hart (#3 on this list). Since making Words With Girls, Brittani has gone on to write, produce and star in Suicide Kale, the feature length dark comedy demolishing the competition at film festivals around the country.

She’s genderfluid and identifies as non-binary and also a trans woman.Her channel consists of social justice banter, collaborations, and (if you dig way back) quickie travel videos/life updates. Jing and Monica are a lesbian couple who have been posting to You Tube for the past four years, sharing their weddings (a ceremony under Prop 8 in California in 2010 and a simple legal wedding in Washington in 2012), TTC journey, pregnancy, birth, and parenting experiences.They currently have one adorable daughter, Estelle, and are looking to conceive for the second time later this year. She’s made popular beauty FAQ videos on her experiences with lip injections and box braids 101, as well as opening up about battling depression and getting over breakups.She makes thoughtful videos critiquing pop culture media from an intersectional feminist point of view.She is sick of straight people, has lots of feelings about queer witches, and you will absolutely love her.