Quickly validating sql server configuration settings

05 Dec

Though it is possible to log into the SQL Server and navigate to the Linked Server drop-down (shown below), this would require me to review each linked server individually, which can often be very time consuming.Fortunately, this information can be more easily retrieved by querying the System Views from the SQL Server master system database.Location of the local SQL native client directory that contains The installation paths that are shown represent the default paths for Microsoft SQL Server.Depending on the size of your organization you may have quite a few SQL servers running and you may have just as many linked servers.

In nearly all deployments of SQL Server you’re going to have multiple servers running.If you install Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager with a SQL Server database, there are specific configuration requirements for SQL Server.Before you create the database, Symantec recommends that you install a new instance of SQL Server that conforms to Symantec installation and configuration requirements.The use of host name only works with properly configured DNS.If you install to a remote database server, you must first install the SQL Server client components on the computer that runs Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.