Updating pro tools

29 Mar

Generally, eight to ten characters are more than enough to be unique within a project.For example, as of October 2017, the Linux kernel (which is a fairly sizable project) has over 700,000 commits and almost six million objects, with no two objects whose SHA-1s are identical in the first 11 characters.

1c002dd [email protected]: commit: added some blame and merge stuff 1c36188 [email protected]: rebase -i (squash): updating HEAD 95df984 [email protected]: commit: # This is a combination of two commits.

SVN is not able, in most cases (if not all) to merge the changes, since they touch the same portion of the code.

You must at least mark the conflicts as resolved, usually by fixing them, before committing any file to your repository.

Running If you have a UNIX or Linux background, you can think of the reflog as Git’s version of shell history, which emphasizes that what’s there is clearly relevant only for you and your “session”, and has nothing to do with anyone else who might be working on the same machine.

$ git log --pretty=format:'%h %s' --graph * 734713b fixed refs handling, added gc auto, updated tests * d921970 Merge commit 'phedders/rdocs' |\ | * 35cfb2b Some rdoc changes * | 1c002dd added some blame and merge stuff |/ * 1c36188 ignore ** 9b29157 add open3_detach to gemspec file list means “the second parent of d921970.” This syntax is useful only for merge commits, which have more than one parent.