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********************************************* Conclusions ******************************************* Varieties of Creationism Creationism is the belief that the universe, and maybe life and individual life-forms, originated from specific acts of divine creation.

The three main creationist views within modern Christianity are young earth creationism, old earth creationism, and evolutionary creationism.

Like White, Whitcomb and Morris assumed their interpretation of the Bible was infallible, which justified ignoring and distorting any scientific findings which did not agree with their Flood geology.

Thus, modern young earth creationism did not develop from improved Bible exegesis or new geological findings.

Read the explanations given by theistic evolutionists.

Ask questions like, “How do you know your interpretation of the Bible is correct?

Your enemy is the fundamentalist worldview telling the person how they are allowed to think. Do your best to instill confidence in the scientific process apart from the question of origins.…As I stated before, creationism botches literary and biblical criticism just as badly as it botches science.

Understand how it works; understand where the beliefs and rhetoric are coming from. Don’t ever make the mistake of attacking a creationist’s faith; if you do so, you’re simply reinforcing their misconception that evolution is synonymous with atheism.

It holds that the scientific community is broadly mistaken in its understanding of geology, astronomy and biology. Creationism discredits holy scripture by trying to make it into a history book rather than the record of the revelation of God to his people.Through about 1960, nearly all Christians, including conservative Old Testament scholars and most fundamentalists, were comfortable with interpretations of Genesis which accommodated an earth that was many millions of years old.Today’s young earth creationism is based on “Flood geology”.When we insist that scripture says something that is obviously untrue, people will no longer see any reason to take it seriously.Advice from a Former Young Earth Creationist Despite denunciations by scientists, theologians, and laymen, YE creationism maintains a firm hold in the U. Promotional organizations like Answers in Genesis convince their followers that YE creationism is consistent with the physical evidence as well with scripture.