Updating 3g nano firmware manually Free sex chat no signup and no subscription

19 Aug

AFAIK Telstra have not yet released the PAD1 update for the S7 or S7 Edge.

Samsung is already starting to Push out the May Security update though :) i should be able to load the Telstra firmware on my S7 Edge from Harvey Norman(XSA) right?

In Sam Firm, enter your model number and then use the following codes in the region field and voila, you will have your files within minutes.

I won't be needing specific apps from Telstra or other service providers, so if this is the case, can I simply use the phone as it comes? You will no longer receive automatic updates via OTA or Smart Switch 3. Hi I'm seriously looking at buying Galaxy S7 Dual Sim outright- possibly from DS=Kogan. Tried i Phone 5S and hated it)so I'd really appreciate help (in simple language) TIA gets rid of all the bloatware carriers install, and also removes any bootup and shutdown animations they may have.This is usually going to be the latest firmware or perhaps 1 or 2 iterations old.REGION CODES (CSC CODES)Australian unbranded: XSATelstra: TELOptus: OPSVodafone: VAU Enjoy :) It has telstra logo all over it, in boot up screen, etc, and other places.Odin'd all the files (except the HOME_CSC) and booted back up. I think HOME_CSC is to somehow not lose your data, but I don't know, CBF with the possibility of it not working. You can then use this to download the most recent firmware files for your device directly from Samsung servers within around 10 minutes (as opposed to waiting hours on end for Sammobile).From there, follow the instructions on Sammobile using Odin and you will be done in no time.