Autism dating resources

28 Feb

Even his love of classic rock music—one of Joe’s few characteristics that isn’t directly ripped out of the DSM—seems more like an excuse to play the show’s soundtrack than anything else.If the show were really concerned with Joe as a character, his love of music would be explored further.The Clichés of Autism Parents Most autism stories focus heavily on parent experiences, and The A Word is no exception.Joe’s parents Paul (Lee Ingleby) and Alison (Morven Christie) are prominently featured.Although she isn’t always perfect, Alison at least tries to be positive.

Does he have any interest in learning how to play an instrument? I understand that Joe is a young child, so naturally he isn’t going to have the same kind of storyline as the adult characters.

But it is profoundly disappointing that the show’s writers seem so uninterested in giving Joe anything of his own—whether that be a real hobby, a pet, or even, yes, a friend.

(Surely there has to be another kid in North England who appreciates rock?

Paul and Alison have very different views of Joe’s disability, which frequently causes conflict to erupt between them.

In a somewhat refreshing twist on stereotypical autism parent gender roles, Alison is more accepting of Joe than Paul.