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26 Nov

A few years ago 3 of my first cousins (John, Tim & Peter) emigrated to Canada and all are now in the Vancouver area where they seem to have multiplied quite rapidly.Another cousin's (Leslie) widow went to Brisbane with her family after Leslie's death, so even the current generation have scattered widely.I'm very pleased that you have caught up with each other and are exchanging thoughts on the late Thomas Smerdons- I'm sorry I can't add any constructive ideas on the subject except to refer to one of your late Fathers epistles[I have kept all of his letters and may I say they bring great joy to me on rereading them from time to time]- in one such letter from Ewell of 3 January 1993 "I found the will of Thomas senior made in 1848 quite fascinating.The only solution I can suggest to the problem of the "unknowns" mentioned therein is that they were his sons by a previous marriage.I have attached some info on Gordon's line and would welcome any further information you are able to provide. Ana Bowden Subject: Early Smerdons From Peter Smerdon Attached herewith is a GEDCOM file which shows details of 4 generations of the family before John & Alice Hamlyn.Nothing nasty has come from this end of the tree - in fact the halo has started to shine because John turned out to have been a churchwarden.It's interesting, and slightly unusual, how the family migrated in those early days with Robert and Isett coming from Widecombe, son Robert marrying Ann from Ilsington, staying there for a generation before Robert & Ruth went back to Widecombe and finally John & Alice started the Buckland family.The series of booklets which I obtained ( show our ancestors as the Buckland tree which apparently stayed quite separate from another Buckland tree throughout the generations.

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the first wife must have been exhausted from child bearing. one of them might have been Ann's first husband still living in 1848- if it was Thomas Smerdon then it was a marriage of Smerdons, not impossible if they were cousins.

Best wishes Peter Smerdon Subject: The Smerdon Clan From Peter Smerdon Many thanks for your email.

Since my original message I have explored the story of Thomas hidden behind your tree.

I received from Michael a copy of his Diary but did not realise the reasons behind the emigration. After the first world war my father went up to London to seek his fortune.

He never managed to do that but it was where he met my mother so I was born in London and lived there until 1959 when I moved down to Plymouth. When my father retired they moved back to Plymouth where they spent the rest of their lives.