Dating without the internet

15 Jan

There is a huge amount of essential information on the internet for just about every subject known to man.One click on search engines like Google and Yahoo will bring you to the four corners of the world.Technically not a website, Tinder is a completely free app downloadable onto nearly any smartphone.Users are given pictures of other users and have the ability to “swipe right” or “swipe left.” If you swipe somebody to the right, that means you like them.For example online banking, job seeking and hotel reservations. Internet makes the world smaller by bringing people together.In today modern era, people barely have sufficient time to write letters to their loved ones.

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The enthusiasm for the Mate1 brand is evident – nearly 100,000 people have “liked” the official Mate1 Facebook Fan page.You can get information on cartoon characters, complex anatomy structures, high technology weapons and even secret information of governments.Most of the informations are provided by experts of their fields so the informations are highly reliable.The user friendly attractive layout is simple to use.Users are matched by a specific algorithm based on the answers to a variety of questions users can choose to fill out.