Queen latifah dating common

03 Feb

Kudos to the filmmakers for wanting to tell a different story, or one that we're rarely reminded of.

Scott is ambitious, confident, funny, charismatic, vulnerable--he's packed with so many endearing qualities that it was easy to make a theater full of women squeal and swoon at the screen.

She always finds herself in The Friend Zone with men. Leslie's God sister and less voluptuous, model-type gorgeous childhood friend, Morgan (Paula Patton), steps on the scene and captivates Scott's attention.

Queen Latifah and Common: July 20Grammy and Golden Globe-winning rapper, singer, hip-hop artist, and actress Queen Latifah will be joined by Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Grammy-winning hip-hop artist Common are coming to Wolf Trap for the first time.3.

Ian Anderson presents Jethro Tull: 50th anniversary tour: Sept.

I'm sure with some tweaking Queen Latifah's character could have been played by Drew Barrymore (and I LOVE Drew), but I'm glad she wasn't.

At the end of the day, it sends a much more powerful message to the world when positive interactions and relationships between black men and black women are shown on the big screen.