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09 Nov

It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them.Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.” (pp.The following document doesn't go into corruption or masonic favoritism.A secret society, by its very nature - and one as widespread and established as masonry - would naturally enable such intrigue.The negative experiences far outweigh the positive.The members who regularly post to forums and send out emails display the traits of having been thoroughly brainwashed by a first-class cult.he article located at this URL, and earlier at Geocities, was first written 4 years ago.

This is the task of the initiate in all Occult groups.

Please read the differences between Christian groups and why they matter.

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Historically, Freemasonry has been charged with corruption of public officials because of the oaths and promises they swear to keep amongst themselves, above all else.

At the very least, joining a secret society, or a "society with secrets," creates a glaring conflict of interest.