Book speed dating library

13 Jan

Some were love stories, some were war stories, etc. If they were interested in the book, they wrote it on their wish list. So for two days, six periods each, we did the speed dating activity.As each class came in, they took a chair, wish list, and a pencil. Many students began talking about the books and writing them down.(Both schools are in the Northside Independent School District.) Linares said she came up with the idea two years ago when “Call Me Maybe” was at the top of the charts and she saw a poster in another school's library that played on the song's lyrics: “Here's my call number, so read me maybe?” While the majority of the students prefer fiction books, Linares said, she mixes up things sometimes by having only nonfiction choices during book speed dating.“They make me want to try different books,” she said.Fosmire learned about the activity from Millie Linares, the librarian at Rawlinson Middle School.Last year they got 45 minutes to come to the book fair.They walked around aimlessly for five minutes and then sat down and got themselves in trouble.

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They're speed dating books in the Stinson Middle School library.less Stinson Middle School librarian Paige Fosmire created an activity for students called Book Speed Dating, in which students spend a few minutes reviewing books at various tables and then decide whether they wish ...more SAN ANTONIO — Centerpieces of paper flowers and battery-operated candle lights adorn the tables. Carly Rae Jepsen's “Call Me Maybe” plays from the front of the room.In addition, reading guides for kids and teens are posted online at along with blog entries, recommendations and upcoming events.By adapting the book speed-dating lesson to include the i Pod Touch devices and book trailers, Fosmire said she's appealing to students through technology.