Dating russian women etiquette

07 Feb

In general, though, most set aside their career until their children are grade school age, meaning that they leave behind a job they might have had prior to having a child.

Russians prefer to care for their children without the help of a nanny, and the idea of preschool is a foreign concept.

In my Russian conversation class, we discussed the idea of men being “the stronger sex” and how they relate to women.

Interestingly, Russians do not refer to women as “the weaker sex”—nor do they think women are weak at all—but instead women are “the prettier sex.” As such, women do everything they can to live up to that idea.

As one of my professors pointed out, it is ingrained in their minds that if a woman is in their presence, they, as men, should be on their best, most polite behavior.

While these ideas of chivalry have been discouraged in the United States—due in part to extreme feminism—the gender roles of men in Russia have nothing to do with the idea of women needing their help.

When you get to talk to these amazing women, you will realize they are not only nice looking, but also very modern, smart and intelligent.

That is not to say that women don’t receive educations or have careers here, because they most certainly do.

Specifically, in Russia, society has completely different views of women and their expectations.

As a foreigner, the best way to understand these ideas is to step away from those of the United States and explore these nuances through firsthand experience.

Yellow is the signal of relationship being over in Ukrainian mentality and even numbers of flowers are brought to funerals. That is why you understand how important is to know the etiquette and the culture of your Ukrainian lady to conquer her heart.

The most fascinating product of studying abroad is the discovery of different mentalities in a culture.