Prisoner online dating psychology reasearch

17 Dec

Dating the former supermodel Dalia Margolis, the true brains of the operation. Dalia Margolis is the real brains behind IAGO and deeply involved in its criminal activities.

Ironically, despite being a former supermodel, she is less interested in Sanguine than her lover, who she believes to be weak for his desire to go straight.

A Moroccan Army General working with Strandberg and taking advantage of the public outrage over the latter's fraud and escape to incite civil unrest and institute martial law, with the end goal of launching a full scale Military Coup.

The lead singer of the rising indie rock band "The Class", currently recording their sophomore album in Bangkok.

Sean Rose is an Australian terrorist mastermind who is leading a multi-ethnic left-wing terrorist group in Colorado.

However, this philanthropic project is a cover for large-scale human tests in third world.A group of six mercenaries who committed several atrocities during The Yugoslav Wars while working for the CICADA PMC.Although they've evaded military tribunals since the 90s, they are now being targeted by the ICA to make sure they don't escape justice.They are part of a series of PS4-exclusive bonus contracts.These targets only last for a certain amount of time before they disappear forever.