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05 Jul

This isn’t a huge change, but it does improve UI responsiveness.

The notion of a debounce function is simple: limit how often function can fire by waiting a certain amount of time before executing it.

You can use the API in both Storyboard and non-Storyboard projects.

If you have read our post about VIPER architecture, it might have turned many of your i OS coding practices upside down and might have left you with numerous questions.

Similarly to the standard approach, it is the being presented that needs a delegate.

In our VIPER implementation, Presenter of a module initiating a transition does not have an access to a module being presented.

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Basically, I'll need to go through the following steps: I also made a change to the filtering logic so that it executes asynchronously.

Presenter interprets an event from View and tells Wireframe to do the heavy work of transitioning to a new module (aka app’s screen).

Wireframe initialises the presented module and at this point has access to its View.

Now, with the solid foundation of who is the man for the job, let’s have a look at the actual implementation.

This post will cover using View Controller Transitioning API in VIPER project.

We will just focus on how to wire up everything neatly in a VIPER project.