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26 Jul

He could also catch the ball AND was an excellent punter. It included Bill Parcells, John Mackovic, Ray Handley, Al Groh and Frank Gansz – all of whom went on to become head coaches in the National Football League.Jarvis was closest to Parcells – the defensive coordinator.Chiefs Eagles Falcons Jaguars Packers Patriots Rams Saints Steelers Vikings (2) The Pete Rozelle Division. “On any given Sunday,” these teams can beat any other team in their own division, and usually any team in the lower division.On rare occasions they may even upset a team in the Bert Bell Division.Estimates then were that 1,000,000 people lined the parade route.

Still plenty good, you understand - but not as good as it could be.So, for a limited time, I’m offering a SPRING SPECIAL - just in time for your pre-season planning - “EVOLUTION OF AN OFFENSE” at HALF PRICE!.95 And if you’re new to the Double Wing and you purchase my basic package - I’ll include EVOLUTION OF AN OFFENSE at no charge. I leaned out the windows of the Philadelphia Bell’s offices on South Broad Street, near Walnut, and watched what at the time was said to be the largest sports event in the city’s history - the parade honoring the Philadelphia Flyers after they’d just won the Stanley Cup.Bills Cardinals Chargers Cowboys Panthers Ravens Raiders Redskins Seahawks Titans (3) The Roger Goodell Division. “On any given Sunday,” they can beat any other team - in their own division.Occasionally, they can beat a “Fair” team; once in a blue moon - when pigs fly - they will shock a “Good” team.