Sedating children on long haul flights

19 Apr

Ask your doctor about the effects of drinking alcohol with the medication you have been prescribed.

Epilepsy and alcohol The Epilepsy Report, Issue 2, 2008 top page A diagnosis of epilepsy can sometimes mean you have to change your career.

, Issue 2, 2010 You are entitled to take legal action if you believe you have been discriminated against because of your epilepsy.

top page Some drugs for epilepsy can reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill and increase the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

He told The Times: ‘In particular we have increased the size of the terminal building to accommodate baggage handling for passengers embarking and disembarking and to improve the overall experience within the terminal.‘We have altered the access for vessel servicing, as longer stays mean that the cruise ships will need to load and unload stores and provisions.’ A terminal that can accommodate large ships would provide a boost for tourism by bringing more cruise options closer to London and delivering thousands of visitors to the city every year.

Depending on your type of epilepsy, frequency and predictability of seizures, you may have to make adjustments to your present lifestyle. Many people miss out on wonderful life experiences by restricting their lifestyle unnecessarily.

Lots of people of people worry unnecessarily about whether or not it is safe to have sex when they have epilepsy or when their partner has epilepsy.

If you are a female with epilepsy and planning to become pregnant, pre-pregnancy counseling is very important.

Moderate drinking means having 2 standard drinks a day.

A standard drink is equal to: Be aware of the quantity of alcohol you drink and don't let anyone persuade you to drink more.

Contact your Epilepsy Australia Member to speak to an epilepsy counselor during this stressful time for advice on employment options.

If you have epilepsy, you will be able to hold a driver's licence or a learner's permit as long as your seizures are well controlled.