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A paralyzing agent, such as pancuronium bromide or tubocurarine chloride, plus a lethal dosage of a general anesthetic, such as sodium thiopental (sodium pentothal) are usually given before the potassium chloride is administered.Tubocurarine is the active ingredient of curare, an extract from the bark and stems of the South American vine (Chondodendron tomentosum).Good examples of halophytes are the seagrasses (see link below), red and black mangroves (Rhizophora and Avicennia), salt grass (Distichlis) and salt bush (Atriplex).There are also species of bacteria and algae that are extremely halophilic (salt-loving), living in saturated brine and salt crust (see link below).: When using a compound microscope this term refers to the thickness of the subject that is in focus.The Elodea leaf is composed of two layers of cells.For example, banana starch grains are more elongate than potato starch grains.Starch is hydrolyzed (broken down) by amylase enzymes (including B-amylase and maltase).

Therefore, the cell membrane (not the cell wall) loses water molecules and shrinks.: When comparing two solutions, such as the inside of a red blood cell (RBC) with the solution they are placed in, the solution with the greater salt concentration is hypertonic, while the solution with the lower salt concentration is hypotonic.The root cells contain a salt concentration higher than the water they are growing in.Since they are hypertonic compared with the water or soil, the root cells can take in water molecules and do not become plasmolyzed.During a lethal injection, a fatal dosage of potassium chloride is administered intravenously.The large influx of potassium ions interrupts the wave of depolarization (action potential) to the heart muscle resulting in cardiac arrest.