Sexslave dating

10 Feb

One of the things that I love about being a Fat Accepting chubby chaser is how much abuse and domination fat hoes are willing to tolerate for love and acceptance. Get her phone number, fuck her in the face and then dump her off at the bus station like a whale making its way to the beach.

First off, let me tell you, I’m all about Fat Acceptance because I worship equality, but that doesn’t mean fat bitches shouldn’t have to earn their acceptance by fulfilling all of our deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. This trick revolves around using Fat Acceptance as her reward for being a slave. You have to be selective with your prey, like a hunter. If you see a fat girl with fat friends at Mc Donald’s, you can still game her, but she won’t be as inclined to become your fat sexslave because she gets enough fat acceptance through the emotional support of her big fat friends. Be her temporary emotional tampon — you only have to tolerate this bullshit for 5 minutes, so man up. Just give her that 5 minute sample of your fat acceptance. After you dump her off, text her telling her how big and beautiful she is — mentally and physically beautiful.

I turn it up a notch by inviting my blogger buddies Omar and Billy over to help me run the train on her. After you leave her lying, unconscious, in a wading pool of bukkake, blood, and her own vomit, give her a fat hug and remind her of your allegiance to fat acceptance. Don’t worry about your fat slave turning on you and reporting you to the authorities.

Remind her how much you love her for accepting her body, and being so confident about her size. Once she gets emotionally caught in a loop of chasing your fat acceptance (combined with LSD) she is your slave. Now you can feel free to throw food at her, force feed her, shock her with your cattle prod until she vomits shit — but only as long as you end each session of torture with a fat hug and a kind reminder of your acceptance of her fattiness. Fat women lie and pretend they get raped all the time because they couldn’t get most guys to fuck them, even if they paid (the men) for it.

After she starts tripping out and losing her mind, ramp up the abuse!Italian Wife Cuckolds Hubby Moglie Maiala Redefining Devon Mrs.Williams Black Bred Dayna Vendetta in Everybody Cheats Flexible Hot Blonde Takes It All Over While Being Watched Amateur teen wife gets shared with hubbys friends Alexa Grace Takes BBC In Front Of Her Husband Young Blonde Wife gets BBC & Hubby Smiles!När hon sedan tagit av sig alla kläder och står med sin sexiga kropp, då är det dags för att stoppa kuken i knullhålet.Hon särar på […] Piraternes liderlige sexslave får lov at vise hvor godt hun sutter pik, før alle fire fyre begynder at kneppe hendes våde mis og spille pik ud over hendes lækre bryster, der til sidst er dækket af sperm.