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15 Mar

This is especially true of offertory candles and small altar candles which are easily tipped over if they are not put into a holder of some kind.

Candle stands with hollow bases have the additional benefit of providing a hiding place for the names and personal concerns of the one for who the work is being done. When a candle is burned in sections, it is invariably pinched out, not blown out at the end of each session, to signify that the spell is not yet complete.

Whether your interest is white magic spells or black magick spells; the usage of charms, talismans, amulets, or gemstones; Southern root work, Celtic herbal magick, witchcraft spells, or candle magic; occult esoterica such as the conjuring of spirits and communing with the dead; or drawing love, money, and gambling luck with amulets and spells; Lucky Mojo is the occult store and metaphysical shop for you.

Our hand-made, faith-based goods are used in the practice of hoodoo, witchcraft, pagan magick, and folk magic.

READ ALSO: Read about how magic herbs are used in mojo bags, courtesy of the web site "Herb Magic" by catherine yronwode Further instructional information on Tarot Cards can be found on this page: Cartomancy Further instructional information on Mojo Bags can be found on this page: Mojo Hand and Root Bag The use of leather bags as mundane containers is prehistoric and worldwide.

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We specialize in spiritual supplies that are hard to find, esoteric, arcane, and, above all, authentic. Unlike most occult shops on the web, which simply offer factory-made products, we grow many of our own herbs, and we hand craft all of our dressing oils, incense, bath crystals, sachet powders, mojo bags, floor washes, and spell kits right here in our shop, one at a time.

During the mid-1930s hoodoo practitioners began to make use of popular European occult symbolism associated with the colours attributed to the 7 sacred planets and the days of the week.

This led to the introduction of colour symbolism in candle magic and in the making of flannel bags.