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15 Aug

A Georgia police officer who was shown on video telling a woman during a traffic stop not to worry because police “only kill black people” retired on Thursday, his attorney said, after authorities sought the officer's dismissal. ” Officials have identified the officer as Lieutenant Greg Abbott.

The dash cam video, which was aired by WSB-TV in Atlanta on Wednesday, shows the Cobb County police officer standing by a car pulled over alongside a road last year and instructing the woman in the front passenger seat to use the cellphone in her lap to make a call. The station, which obtained the video through public records laws, broadcast only a short excerpt of a longer encounter.

The goal of this research is to amplify the voices of LGBTQ Southerners and highlight the issues affecting our lives.

The survey touches on a broad range of topics, including education and employment, health and wellness, criminal justice and safety, sexual and gender identity, and discrimination.

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“This afternoon, after 27 years of faithful service to the citizens of Cobb County, Lieutenant Greg Abbott made the decision to retire,” his attorney, Lance Lo Russo, said in an email.

Earlier on Thursday, Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register said he knows Abbott to be “honourable” but that authorities would begin the process of firing him.