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20 Apr

If you are thinking about writing this genre go take some happy pills and turn that frown upside down. Then write a comedy, romance, or adventure fic instead.11) Don't end your fic with anything less than a happy ending. Give it a wonderfully happy ending and they will keep coming back for more and love you.12) Flamers: Go to hell!People who take 5 pages in an email to send us flames need to burn in the deepest darkest pits of hell.I will warn you that there is some implied fem/fem slash in this story but nothing explicit.Also there are roughly one or two sentences about implied incest between Fleur and her sister. I will ignore your message if you flame me but I will gladly accept messages that provide constructive criticism.I can stomach Harry/Ginny and even like it a bit if it's well written.In X-Men- Logan/Jean or Harry/Jean if it's a HP/X-Men cross In Stargate- Daniel/Sam, Cam/Vala or Vala/Teal'c (I've also thought about a Teal'c/Sam pairing but have never read that pairing)In HP/SG crossovers- Harry/Sam, and Harry/all of the other gorgeous females from the stargate verse (I'm currently publishing such a fic, Path, and it has over 150 smut scenes)In Smallville- Clark/Chloe, Clark/Lois, Clark/Alicia Baker, Clark/Kyla Willowbrook, and any combination of these with multiple women Anything with Jean Grey as long as the guy isn't an idiot.But realize that I've had hundreds of thousands of hits on this story so most anything you can criticize has been criticized before. I should also mention that if you don't know much about Stargate you will probably be lost after chapter eight or so because the rest of the fic relies on knowledge of most of the episodes of Stargate.If you still want to read my story then Gateworld or IMDB would be good resources.

Preferably in some horrible and gruesome way involving lots of pain and maybe a pair of needle nosed pliers.7) Memory loss in general is a bad plot tool.I also don't need anymore plot bunnies or suggestions on where to take my stories so nobody needs to message me for this purpose. If the story is being posted then I have already finished it. Also don't contact me about writing video or computer game universes. My Stories: The first story I published on this site is called Balance.It's my first story that actually satisfied me enough to publish (3 others weren't so lucky).When you read the tortures I'm going to write for Senator Kinsey in my latest fic I'm thinking of you.It's hard enough to publish something on here for thousands of people to read without you assholes putting writers down. Links: I've decided to post the following links because I've noticed a few authors do this and it greatly helped me when I first discovered fanfiction four years ago. Harry Potter Fanfic Archive- This site (above) allows smut and is pretty well organized. (My profile and stories on this site are here)Fic Wad- This site (above) has a lot of Harry Potter fanfics and not much else.