Dating eharmony service

28 May

But it takes longer than 3 days to know if a site is ideal. I hope anybody considering them reads their bad reviews and doesn't join. Please reach out to me at [email protected] company is a fraud.

Rich, our free communication events do allow members that have been on the fence to sample our services. They advertise with fake people and send you daily listings of people who are not actual members or who were members years ago.

e Harmony believed consumers would interpret the ad to mean that its scientific approach could potentially work for them, and not that it would guarantee they would find lasting love or make connections.

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Dissatisfied, I called their 844-544-3176 # and was finally able to speak with a "manager". Interestingly enough, when I asked "the manager" how much a current e Harmony subscription costs he stated between -200 depending on the promotion running. You've been charging 0 a year from account for 2 years! I feel ashamed, embarrassed and manipulated by e Harmony. Good and honest people choose your site for your reputation but when you take advantage of consumers when you know their accounts are inactive, and their profiles have been deleted then there is absolutely no reason other than consumer fraud for continuing to take advantage of them. As to matches members are only matches with compatible members that have an actual account with our services.This so called manager remained unsympathetic, unapologetic and stated the "final decision" had been made by the "specialist" and he can't go against it. Who is this undercover, coward "specialist" who makes all the "final decisions" via email that his JOB is so important that he can't make a courtesy call to a dissatisfied customer who helps keep him on the payroll. Please reach out to me at [email protected] communicate with matches for free weekend promotions are a scam.You can't communicate for free, you have to sign up.Managing director at eharmony UK Romain Bertrand said: “eharmony was conceived on the premise that science and research could be harnessed to help people find love.For over 17 years, eharmony has been matching singles into high-quality, long-lasting relationships based upon sophisticated matching standards designed by Ph D psychologists".