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17 May

They carried out almost 50 polygraph examinations, and they offered a ,500 reward for information about her death, which was larger than any amount of money previously offered in a Rio Grande Valley murder case.Church members reported that Father Feit's confession line moved slowly that night and that he was away from the sanctuary several times.An autopsy concluded that she had been sexually assaulted before being killed; the cause of death was suffocation.Father John Feit, the priest who heard Garza's last confession, was the only identified suspect in her death.At the time of her death, Garza was a second grade teacher; she taught indigent students at an elementary school on the south side of Mc Allen.In a letter that Garza wrote to a friend shortly before her disappearance, Garza described herself as extremely shy, but she expressed fulfillment in her work.The investigation into Garza's death was renewed in 2015 after a new district attorney took office in Hidalgo County. On December 7, 2017, Feit was found guilty of her death and on December 8, 2017, he was sentenced to life in prison.

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On April 18, in a trail of evidence stretching several hundred yards down a Mc Allen road, passersby found Garza's purse, her left shoe and her lace veil.

Feit said that he had driven back to the pastoral house to get another pair of glasses, and when he arrived he had no key, so he had to climb into the house on the second floor.

He said that he sustained the scratches on his hands as he was climbing the outside of the brick structure.

Feit initially denied hearing Garza's confession in the rectory, but he later admitted to having done so.

He accounted for his absence from the sanctuary by explaining that he had broken his glasses that night; he said that he often played with his glasses nervously as he listened to confession.