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19 Oct

It's quick to see that Kezia is someone who approaches life with two feet on the ground and a "can-do" green-light mentality.How many of you give up at the first sign of struggle?It's so true and literally a fast pass straight to the friend zone at MOST. "Radical honesty creates a lot of impact" as Kezia states. She isn't the type who's going to massage your ego or play the role of a cheerleader.We all have friends who are too nice or don't want to tell us the truth of why we're sucking at life.

Kezia attributes her success to being the type who wakes up and gets straight to work.

Or run into an issue and tell yourself all the reasons you can't do it?

For instance, maybe you believe a girl or guy or certain goal is out of your league and poison yourself with all the reasons she or he wouldn't date you or all the reasons why you can't achieve that goal instead of focusing on all the amazing things you have to offer or finding all the reasons you can do it.

A crossroads which makes you decide whether to continue going on with your life in denial or to start actually looking for truth.

I had the chance to link up with someone who specializes in helping men live a life they want to live and someone who has built her success based on the principle of honesty.