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13 Mar

Our young women vastly outperform our young men in almost every important statistical category.Young men are much more likely to perform poorly in school, they are much more likely to have disciplinary problems and they are much more likely to commit suicide.They want to have lots of sex, but they aren’t interested in marriage.They enjoy the comforts of living at home, but they don’t want to go out and pursue career goals so that they can provide those things for themselves.Regarding his Christian faith, Rockefeller would read the Bible daily, attend prayer meetings twice a week and even led his own Bible study with his wife.He tithed, rested on the Sabbath and gave away much of his money to charity. has noted, “he sometimes gave tens of thousands of dollars to Christian groups, while, at the same time, he was trying to borrow over a million dollar to expand his business.” Additionally, Rockefeller took time to spend with his family, something that confused many businessmen. As his own personal fortune grew, so did the amount of money he gave to good causes.

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Why is it that mass murderers are almost always young men? Sadly, Adam Lanza and James Holmes are just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger problem in our society.

Last week, I read that there is even a name for people such as me.

We are the ‘Peter Pan generation’; a sizeable group of 25 to 40-year-olds who exist in a state of extended adolescence, avoiding the trappings of responsibility — marriage, mortgage, children — for as long as possible.‘Another word sometimes used to describe these people is “adultescent” — generally defined as someone who refuses to settle down and make commitments, and who would rather go on partying into middle age.’ Young men in America didn’t always behave this way.

Rockefeller a prolific businessman who get his start in the oil industry.

As I mentioned, Rockefeller was a devotedly religious man and one of America’s greatest philanthropists.